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Glamor Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

LED strip lights, LED string lights, LED rope lights, RGB LED pixel lights, LED motif lights, LED tree lights, decora...

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  • Phone: +86-760-8816 6601
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    Mingliu Road, Shalang, West District, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Glamor Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading decorative lighting manufacturers in China. As a pioneer of the LED landscape and decorative lighting market, Glamor Optoelectronics today has the broadest and most diversified visual solutions to create desired effects, designs, atmospheres, festive moods, etc. for holidays, festivals, and celebrations. The manufacturer is committed to setting the standard for excellence by leveraging the robust synergies of its manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise. Our competitive advantage continues to be our ability to provide inclusive product packages to address unique lighting applications for holiday makeup, home decoration and business promotion.

Glamor's mission is to design and produce innovative and creative lighting products that deliver superior performance, aesthetics, efficiency and value, all with uncompromised quality. With this in mind Glamor offers a cutting edge portfolio of LED strip lights, LED string lights, LED rope lights, individually addressable RGB LED pixel lights, LED motif lights, LED tree lights and decorative color bulbs. Glamor's decorative light strings such as LED curtain lights, LED net lights, garland string lights, LED icicle lights and battery-operated LED light strings are very versatile decorative elements that can be used to creates a fairy, magical, and twinkling lighting experience that is ideal for a wide range of occasions and observances ranging from Christmas, Halloween, and Easter to parties, graduation, commencement, and birthday observances and celebrations. The company's LED pixel lighting can be utilized for building custom LED digital displays with the ability to produce a myriad of colors with complete creative freedom when paired with any DMX controller. Glamor's lighted simulated Christmas trees give your decorated landscape a touch of elegance and excite the holiday spirit of all who see it. Glamor's portfolio of proprietary decorative lighting solutions also include 3D holiday displays, LED snowmen, LED Santa Claus, LED animal sculptures, ramadan lights, and more.

Glamor is a vertically integrated manufacturer with capabilities spanning across the entire value chain, including LED die manufacturing, LED packaging, design and production of decorative LED lights. With over 10 years of combined experience in the industry, Glamor has developed a compelling technology portfolio that assures the availability of more reliable, more energy efficient, and better performing products. With a genuine passion for delivering inspiration and creativity, Glamor is motivated to deliver lighting perfection every time.
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